MOPS & Bible studies

I am a big fan of moms getting involved in moms groups. wether you work at home, stay at home, or work away from home, when you have kids your life becomes consumed with them. Especially when you have young ones a lot of your day is about making sure that they don’t vary from their routine, that they get the sleep, food, and attention they need to be happy well adjusted kids. (and to avoid those melt downs in target, you all know they happen to you!) With that being the case i think it is so important for us as moms to connect with other moms. We deserve adult conversation, and a little time away to connect as women so we can be known as individuals. I have found for me when i am in these kinds of groups i am a better servent to my husband and children, because i have been filled up. Bless my husbands heart he tries, he listens, he even asks questions; but he is still a man and its just not the same to gab with him as it is my girlfreinds.

I have found two different style of groups here in SD and i am trying them out. The first is a women’s bible study the second is MOPS. At our old church in Orange county, we had one group availbe it was for moms of kids of any age and it was bible based. Meaning we had a bible study topic that we spent the year on. This year at this new church is a little different. I will get my dose of God’s word at my women’s bible study on tuesday night, which i am very excited for and plan on sharing with you all as it is on David and how we are living in a modern day Babylon. & then i will get my MOM meal at MOPS (Mother’s of preschoolers).

I am not sure how i feel yet about MOPS i have only been one time. I think it will give me the topical but i am not sure i need to topical as much. I do a lot of reading and conversting with other moms who parent the way i do. & my first impression of MOPS was very cheeseball to best describe it. Either way though i’m commiting for a semester to see how i like it. If nothing else i will meet some new moms in my new city!

If you are not apart of group here are a few websites you can check out to maybe find a group near you…

The first thing i would suggest is your home church’s website, if you dont have a home church check a local church.

The second would be MOPS international.

The third would be meetup. ( i have fond a few groups in this area)

And lastly if your a holistic mom you could try Holistic Moms Network.

What about all of you… how do you connect with other moms? Do you find being in groups to be beneficial to you?


2 thoughts on “MOPS & Bible studies

  1. I do MOMS Club international – a secular organization for stay-at-home moms that is organized into local chapters so that you are interacting with moms in your immediate area. I’ve belonged for almost 2 years and really enjoy it! 🙂


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