A break…..

Back in september I took a break from Facebook & twitter for a week. It was a really good experience. Currently I am studying the book of David right now in my woman’s bible study and one of the things we are focusing on is how we live in a modern-day Babylon. Basically Babylon placed importance on youthfulness, good looks, position, money, things of that nature sound familiar? one of the lies is Babylon is that you ARE, as in I am important, I am the center of my world, I can have all, do all, I am what matters most! So one of the challenges during the study is to fast from something that is of Babylonian style. I decided to Fast from social networking. I don’t think it keeps me from the Lord, but i do think it is one of the ways that our Babylon tells us that we ARE.

It was a great week! I spent the week hanging out with my boys, I got a lot of hugs, I got tackled a few times by a tot, Lots of kisses. We read stories, played with little animals. I cooked and baked. I was in the word, we worshiped and prayed. I even caught a lot of secret smiles, giggles, and loves between my boys! It was a really a great week with time spent away from the world telling me I’m important and instead spent with the people who are important.

Now I don’t spent a lot of time on Facebook or twitter to begin with, I do a lot of updating straight from text on my phone & I check other updates when I’m nursing or after the kids go to bed. But the reality is that I update just like everyone else because I think people have interest in ME. So the break was nice and just a good reminder that I am called to be a wife to raise my children & to lead a life pointed at christ; because he is ultimately the person that is important and the one who’s life we should have an interest in!

So all things in proportion. Less about things of importance to me and more about the things of importance to christ.


3 thoughts on “A break…..

  1. THank you for this post…I am struggling with this right now and it really spoke to my heart. i gave up facebook. Even though I do kind of I miss it (for connecting purposes) I have been able to put God back in the spotlight and take off MYSELF.



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