Potty training

We have been practicing EC with Harvey since he was 4months old. But then this week we decided to take the plunge into full blown potty training. We bought a 3 pack of buzz & woody underware (we are toy story obsessed around here). We have decided that we are just going to wear them around the house & run to the potty every hour. The first day was a success in my book, even if he didn’t stay clean. Since that day he has been saying “pot” everytime his diaper is dirty. Now if we could just get him to say that before he is dirty. I know you moms have some tips, i’d love to hear them!! My goal is to have him fully trained by his birthday.

here are my big boys…

That little one is getting so big! i’ve only done one EC session with him so far but i think we are gonna start that up in the next few days, Lord help me!


One thought on “Potty training

  1. Honestly, the Elmo’s Potty Time video helped Z out A LOT. He had absolutely no interest until he was 3 so I couldn’t really successfully force it before then. Being in preschool was probably the biggest factor though, he saw all his friends do it and realized the importance of it and how easy it was. As soon as he was ready he just “got it” and didn’t really have accidents, but I did give him a Raisinet as a reward in the beginning.


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