Saints not sinners

Lately I have this desire to become better at praying. I want to glorify God through my prayers but also I want to be able to pray more soundly and to use it for the tool it is. When our new Home church, Journey, posted that they were offering a prayer training class i jumped at the chance to join. This past sunday was our first class. The topic was spiritual warfare and it was a great class. We read scripture, read about the armour we are given as christ followers, and spent time praying in small groups over that armour. One thing however stuck out above all to me and as resonated all week. One of the most important things that we can do as followers of christ is to learn to view ourselves and others the way God views us. As we discussed that we talked about the ways he sees us. The statement was made that “We are not sinners merely forgiven we are saints who sin.” This was powerful to me. The truth in it is very strong.

If you pause and think about it for a minute think on it from this light… Jesus died on the cross for us, He died to save us, to redeem us for the father, to pay our debt, to wipe us clean of our sin. If we believe that, If we believe what it says in Galatians 2:20 ” I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me…….” If we believe that than we must believe our sins are not important or rather God no longer sees them; but rather he sees our faith in his son and he sees his son in us. That would mean he doesn’t see us as sinners but he sees us as saints.

Amazing! That profoundly struck me and has resonated now for several days. I am not a sinner, my sin doesn’t matter, its acknowledged but it doesn’t matter. It is forgiven and forgotten the moment it occurs. This is changing the way i go about my day. I am not dwelling on what i could have done but rather seeking the forgiveness and moving forward. I also view my children different. They are making mistakes yes but they are not sinners either, they to are saints in God’s eyes and so they are in mine. Their sins are not my focus. When they do something wrong they still are disciplined for it, that’s just good parenting. But now i make even more of a point of forgetting the behavior and not all day being upset because they tested me in whatever way they did.

The best example I can give you of this in action, is the way that God made it tangible for me. When my husband shared with me the things he had been struggling with, which affected us both. I didn’t feel anger towards him, I immediately forgot about the sins but zeroed in on the why and we moved forward from there and healed from there. Looking back I see that the ability to do that is because I don’t see my husband as a sinner his sins were also wiped clean by the blood of Jesus but rather I see my husband as the saint he is and we by God’s hand redeemed the struggle & its byproducts for God. We turned something bad into good for his Glory. It became a sanctified event just as we are sanctified people because it and we are here for his Glory!

Its freeing to know that myself, my husband, my children, & you or anyone else are not a sinners; that we are all saints. Its freeing to know that in God’s eyes we are perfection!


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