Devotion for Moms

A dear friend of a mine is about to have her second son. For her shower her mother asked me to share a short devotion, i couldn’t be there as i was sick, but this is what i wrote and what was read on my behalf (names removed)….

When asked to share a devotion I thought for a few days what would i say. I watched my boys and I wondered what God would have me share, what of his wisdom would he want you to especially know when it comes to having two boys. What have these two boys me taught me? & as the days passed while thinking little moments passed me each day, I woke up to the converstation of my boys on the monitor as they lay in the baby’s crib together, I saw the secret smiles, the hugs when no one was looking, the kisses passed, I saw the baby reach for his brother, and i saw his brother hold his hand, pat his back and comfort him when he needed comforting. I even whitnessed him try to pick him up and hold him while he was sleeping. And on the 5th day it struck me hard how i was seeing the Heart of jesus in my boys, and how blessed i was to have whitnessed these flashes in the midst of the chaos.

So this is my tid bit for you, this is what God has taught me through having 2 boys….
There are rough moments, very rough moments, moments you will find yourself on the floor of hall holding both your crying boys and you to will want to cry becuase the day was that overwhelming, that long, and you are at a loss. But in these moments turn your heart to the lord, take a breath and hug your boys tight, savior that hug, and rejoice! rejoice that YOU are holding YOUR BABIES, the Babies that God has rewarded and entrusted you with.
Deuteronomy 26:11 says “You shall rejoice in all the good things the Lord your God has give you and your household.”
These days will go fast, You already know this from having (your son) but it goes even faster with 2. So we must fight harder to slow our time, to redeem it for the lord. We must push harder through those rough moments of the day, to reach the joyfull ones. God uses all things to bring glory to him. And those rough moments are no different. 1 corinthians 15:51-52 says “We will all be transformed. It will happen in a moment, in the blinking of an eye.” So remember to pause to slow yourself in your day, in the bad moments and in the good moments. So that you can bare whitness to those blinking moments, the ones like i shared, so that too can be transformed and rejoice. Because in those moments you WILL rejoice and give praise and thanksgiving that you stopped your hurried day to bare whitness to the good things God has given you!
i encourage you to Stop, Pause, and Praise God each day from here forward so that when (baby) comes you will be well practiced in your rejoicing.
Dear lord, I praise you for the blessing and the good things you give us each day. I praise you that our children are not merly a gift from you but a as Pslam 127 say they are a reward from you. I praise you that you redeem all things for your Glory, that you are our refuge in ALL moments and that you are our strength. I praise you that sees us and that you desire us. I praise you that desire all our moments. I pray that we call learn to give those moments to you, to slow ourselves down so that your spirit can do its mighty work in our days. I pray that we seek to see the spirit so that we don’t miss those blinking moments but rather be transformed by them as your word says. Lord i pray that your spirit breaks in so strong, the the hear of jesus flowing so abundantly and that you are so present that we have no choice but stop and rejoice in the good things you are have given us. and Lord i pray that (my friends) have as much fun, and as much joy as you have given Tyler and I in raising 2 boys. Lord you know the struggles that will come from them & you know the rewards, so we praise you that you have selected these rewards for their household! Amen

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