TV or no TV

So the question is do you have a TV in your house or no?

We do own a TV its a flat screen, wall mountable one we got as a christmas gift last year from my mom. However, we don’t have access to television, so the TV’s sole purpose is to watch movies. (ok and for my husband &  I to play video games on, on that rare occasion we turn on the wii or xbox). We don’t pay for cable, and we don’t have 2-13; and honestly we don’t plan on it anytime soon. That doesn’t mean we never watch shows, we have shows we love, we just limit our viewing of them to hulu/online and we typically watch them together in the evening after kids have gone to bed, or I watch my “girly” shows during the day while I’m nursing or in the background while I’m sewing/cooking/crafting. (I’m a background noise person, plus I like to keep busy so it works good to just “watch” while I work, I don’t need to sit and actually watch anything).

My husband and I have often re-evaluated our situation and talked about giving ourselves access. But we always come back to the same thought, we have a stronger relationship because we don’t have the TV. We actually talk, we spend together, we make stuff and use our creative juices, we read books, play games. I have never had TV in the 4 years my husband I have been together. It has always challenged us to get up off the couch and get our minds going. This is something we have been blessed by and value and we hope our children will value it to. (not that they havn’t ever watched a movie themselves, but at least we can be more selective with their viewing options)

This is not to say that someone who has TV doesn’t have these things, we just have found that for ourselves not having TV has enhanced our lives, if for nothing else we aren’t tied to it, we value our time in a way that our lives don’t fall apart because we missed the episode of xxxxx.

What about you, do you TV or no? does it bless you or hinder you?


One thought on “TV or no TV

  1. For the first several years of our marriage we didn’t have tv, and we did things like play games every night. We got cable in February to watch the Olympics, and just kept it. And we have found ourselves watching tv every evening instead of really engaging. So, as of this week cable has been cancelled as we CHOOSE to spend time with each other instead of the tv. So, I say keep it the way you have it!


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