Harvey you’re 2!!!!

Dear my Harvey Boy,

You are so big!!! you are 2 years old and such a joy every day. You are always saying new words, yesterday you said lap and then said box & held out a box for us to open. you say opeie when you want something opened, Door when you want the door opened. You call daddy daddy and levi die. you call me mama. Your not a great eater kinda picky, but you eat a lot of what you do want. you are ever kind to your brother always loving on him, taking care of him when he is sad, & always making him laugh. A couple weeks ago you laid on the floor with him and showed him to crawl you crawled around for a week to show him and when he didnt go you got behind him and started pushing his butt to help him along. now that he crawls you tell him to walk and so when mommy stands him up you hold his hand and we walk. You laugh at everything especially when your daddy over exagerates anything! Right now you are obsessed with Toy story!!! forever you called woody Whoya and buxx Whoyo but now you say their names. You are really into your auntie erin and uncle travis right now and area always asking about them. You love going to church and get really excited & ansy if we say we are going to go.

For your birthday we took you to see yo gabba gabba in concert and you loved it!!!! We went with Corban and Brent and Jamie. You and Corban danced around and had a blast! You got all kinds of things for your birthday i think your favorites being a computer from your Gama, the mickey books from Auntie, The camera from mommy and daddy. Those seem to be the things you play with all the time. You were also really excited over the truck auntie erin and uncle travis gave you, as well as your mickey doll, table and chairs and a mr. potato head.

In October you were in Uncle travis’ wedding. you did a great job i was really nervous you weren’t going to walk. Auntie Erin’s Sister Lauren was going to walk with you but when she tried to hold your hand you cried and ran away. you almost ran down the aisle but got distracted by the cake. The coordinator and I tried to pulled you away but you weren’t having it, it was hard cause you were right in the guests line of sight so we couldn’t do much to get you away without everything see you throw a fit. But then it was time for Lauren to walk down the aisle she walked up grabbed your hand and kept walking and you went. not a peep out of you! it was wonderful you were so cute!!! then during the reception you danced and danced!!!! It was so fun. they had a slide show and you were in pictures you squealed every time you saw yourself.

I can’t believe how much you have grown this year and what an amazing little boy you are becoming! I am so blessed by you, your love and your passion for life. You are my bestest budd!!!



p.s. you are like 90% potty trained we still have accidents at least 1 most days but you are doing great! and some days we don’t have any!!!!


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