On the First day of Christmas

My True love gave to me a partridge and a pair tree!

Today is the first of the 12 days of Christmas. This year my husband and I inspired to celebrate the 12 days of christmas and end with an epiphany celebration. You see the early church celebrated the day of ephiphany far before they celebrate Christmas day. Why was it so important ? It was the day the Magi or wise men visited the Newborn King. What is significant about this is that the Magi were not jewish but rather they were pegans. The believed that the future could be read in the stars and that the appearance of specific stars would mark the birth of important leaders. At the appearance of of a star the Magi started out to praise and lay gifts at the feet of this new king, the King of Kings, The son of God, the Jewish King/Messaiah. They were the first non Jewish people to recognize the importance of the newborn and to recognize him as king. Its important because it was the first time the world recognized the king of kings. That is pretty significant and well I think something special.

Each Christmas for the last few years a different part of the Nativity has stuck out to me. I have learned something new each Christmas and as a result, i have started each year with a new fear of my lord. So yes this year I am in awe of the Magi, I hope to be as christian as they were that day. To lay my gifts before the newborn the King and speak his name on high in the chorus of the Angels, Only more so because i know he is not just the king of the Jews but the King of Kings!

Merry Christmas To you and yours this year. No matter what you believe may you know the King and Kings, may you see his blessings on his people and may he touch your lives!


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