1-11-11 (x:11)

This year i have decided to start a regular (monthly) post on ordinary life. On the 11th of each month @ the 11th minute of every hour i will be taking a photo and then posting about our day, whether its exciting or not. I’m hoping it will help me to see the specialness (thats a word right?) in all my moments. So here is an ordinary January day…..

12:11 am- 7:11am are good hours! they are the ones we sleep mostly (few are woken up to nurse)

By 8:11 our breakfast of french toast is done and we are ready to color…

By 9:11 we are learning to put on our own shoes….

By 10:11 we have returned from Target and are putting away our groceries…

11:11 our friends have arrived and we are playing outside on the grass…

12:11 we are all very hungry…..

1:11 we are back outside and this time playing basketball with whatever ball we find….

2:11 We said goodbye to our friends and headed in for a nap….

3:11 there was naps and nursing…

4:11 I was free to start my devotion time…

5:11 Harv was awake and crying this lasted til daddy got home!

6:11 Daddy was home and I was cooking our meatballs for dinner…

7:11 Clean-up and daddy hugs…

8:11 Levi was down so this mommy was busy working with her feet up….

9:11 Harvey was down so daddy was working on his book for the Sketchbook project (it has to be post marked by saturday!!!)

10:11 Being the good wife I am I decided to serenade my hubby, Song of choice Gansta’s paradise. (i needed a little help from you tube, but i got 89% of it myself)

and Finally 11:11 came & we cuddled up and closed our eyes to get some sleep before another day!


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