Enjoy the Days

We as moms at times tend to rush the days, especially when we have little ones we can’t wait to get to the next stage, the next stage has promise of being easier. At the age of mine we think because the next one will bring larger vocabulary that somehow magically we will communicate better with our kids and as a result our life will be easier. And while in some cases that is true what we often forget is that each stage brings its own difficulties. I am reminded of this everyday as i look at my littlest and think back to one Harvey was his age i think gosh this stage is so easy, he just sits and play alone he doesn’t need me Harvey on the other hand is “mama do this mama do that mama draw me this” Its a hard stage this wanting my attention. But then as i lay my head on the pillow only to be woken by a baby needing to nurse I think oh i can’t wait for him to be bigger when i can get 12 straight hours of sleep again! (yes my son sleeps 12 hours straight just about).  So this year i have challenged myself not to look to the next step but to enjoy the one I’m taking. I am trying to be more and more intentional with my moments. To live in the moment and not the next one. 13 days into the year and I’m doing pretty dang good! and you know what I am a better mom for it! I am a much happier mom now that my priorities are in a much better line and I am excited about it. Just this last week we had a dance party and we loved it! there was lots of laughter and pillow jumping on the couch cushions (which i moved onto the floor). We had a grand ‘ole time. and you know what I think my boys appreciated it!

(we are spinning circles as we danced to records on our new record player)

So this year I challenge you, even if it is just one day a week live in the moment. Enjoy your kids and the stage they are in and embrace it no matter how messy, inconvenient, or frustrating it can be… Meet them on their level and love it!


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