9 Months

My little Levi,

You are 9 months and 8 Days old as I write this. You have officially been in the world longer than you were in my belly. That to me is a big deal. It has been a pleasure to see you grow, and well it was to grow you as well! Up until a couple weeks you were my little baby, you still looked and seemed so small to me! But then your friends Caleb and Malachi joined us and well now you just seem so big! Besides your size being twice there’s you can now share short sleeved shirts with your brother, and a couple of sweat shirts, and i think even a pair of pants or 2. You stand up all the time and think you can walk. You crawl everywhere!!!!! You chase your brother and tackle your brother. You eat finger foods (Purees are sooooo not your thing and well that’s ok with me!). You still nurse like crazy and i love it!!! Its our time to sit and relax together and that is special to me. You are a total mamas boy; you do great with other people but as soon as you see me you start jumping for joy and practically out of there’s and into my arms! Another thing that i secretly love!!! No matter how big you think you are you are still a baby to me, and i am soaking each and every minute of it up!!!


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