God Is so much bigger

My hubby and I often get onto theological discussions. I think theology in itself is fascinating, why we believe what we believe, why people think the things they think. It interests me so much to see how God influences people’s lives and how that influence affects them. One of the things my husband and I often come back to when we talk about the books we read and the reviews of them, or sermons we hear is how often God is put into a box. We try very hard keep ourselves from doing just that, we are open-minded about God’s abilities, we have accepted in our home that God is so much bigger than us, so much bigger than anyone or anything on this earth, he is so much bigger than any of us can ever imagine or presume to know and so we do our best to consider the possibilities of God’s greatness.

In one of these such discussions this past week my hubby and I have been discussing Rob Bell’s new coming book, and a particular commentary on the book which claims that Rob Bell is an universalist. My husband and I watched the video and we have read the commentary on it and we struck yet again at the box God is put in.

The commentary is based on a 30 sec clip from Rob Bell about his book; after watching the video I don’t get the feel that Rob Bell is an universalist. Rather that I get the feel that Rob is in awe of the capacity of God’s love. Bottom line this is what I get…..

God’s love is a magnificent Love, a Love that surpasses all things, that is greater than you, than me, then everyone on this earth, and a love that surpasses all sin. God’s love after all is the same love that allows Jesus’ blood to WASHES US CLEAN OF OUR SINS. Did you read that? Jesus’ blood was shed to watch EACH OF US clean. That love has conquered Death and in that moment conquered all the sins of this earth. Given that truth that all man’s sins are washed clean but the Love of God through Jesus then who is to say that any one person’s sins are to great to be washed clean with that love and as a result damned to Hell. I don’t believe he is saying nor am I saying that all man kind gets to go to heaven I’m just saying that God’s love is a gracious love that does trump all things! It is also available to all people, after all we are commissioned to go out in the world and share the good news. Bottom line and what I gather from Rob Bell is saying is that God’s love trumps all sins, and since his love is available to all people then All people have the opportunity to go to Heaven.

I love that, I love knowing that God’s love is greater than any sin I can commit. And I would argue with anyone who calls Rob Bell a heretic that they are acting no better than the pharisees who also believed that they had it all figured out, that they had it right and refused to accept Jesus for who he was because he didn’t fit their definition of a messiah despite the fact that he fulfilled prophecies.

That is something I don’t want to do, I don’t want to presume that I am right, that I have all the answers and that I have God all figured out, I know God is so much bigger than me or anyone else and so I am not going to venture to say who is going to Hell or who is not going to Hell. I am not going to venture to put God’s ability into a box but rather I choose to rest in the knowledge that God is bigger and that his love is more powerful than all the sins of this earth.


4 thoughts on “God Is so much bigger

  1. Wow you are my awesome wife! I know we have been talking about this all week and to see it written out reminds me why I married you. Thanks for sharing you thoughts Sherrie, I’m know that this topic is far from over.


  2. Great post. My husband and I have been having the very same discussion this week. I about fell off my chair when I saw Rob Bell was trending on twitter. We attended Mars Hill while we lived in Michigan and found SO much of his teaching valuable and true to Gods word. The last sentence on this post sums it up perfectly. Fantastic words.


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