Fruits of Labor

I’m back did you miss me? Life is crazy right now and my me time (which i use not only to blog but to sew or craft) is very limited in the season we have been in the last few months. God has been working like crazy in our lives these last couple weeks just like he has been the last year or so. But finally last week we saw the fruits of our labors. I have to tell you it felt good. It felt really good, so good in fact as i shared today at bible study how God had provided i almost  was in tears as i saw his provision, our work, and just the culmination of it all. And i feel beyond blessed to have closed a door in our life and are moving from one season to the next.

Since this morning i have thought about it all and i just wanted to share with you all some of it, in hopes of encouraging you as i know many of you are in the same season we have been in for so long.

Before we got married we decided we want to have a debt free marriage. Easier said then done especially when you looked at each of our budgets which were both our finances. I was worse off than my husband but either way we both came in with a significant amount of debit. We closed cards, set up payment agreements, did everything we could to make the debt manageable, and we budget, man did we budget. We lived on a very tight budget with no TV and very few extras. the extras we did have we usually gifted by some means or another. As the babies came we cut costs where we could. Granted some of the things we have done are less about the $$$s and more about the environment or the health of our children but the budget saving was a nice addition.

Somewhere during the course of pregnancy #2 we moved in with my parents to save even more, the day to day became a struggle and the debt just looked so daunting never changing. So we surrendered to God and moved in with my parents. We set a time limit and a goal and it was a tough road. We really struggled with our situation but all the while trusting and knowing God would provide and God would honor his promises to us. Then the day arrived that was our self imposed deadline and everything still looked gloomy we didn’t know what we were going to do looking at our budget we felt worse off then when we had moved in. but 2 days after our self imposed deadline we received a financial gift from our church which eased our budget, and within 4 weeks my husband was offered a new job with better pay. not a ton but better and around that same time i started working at home on my own schedule and making just enough money for us to move. We were shocked by God grace and knew he had provided. He had brought us through, honored our commitment to him, and provided a new home, job and finances. (You can read more about that move here.)

We still had a lot of debt not as much as we had managed to pay of a significant amount during that 6 week period, either through tax refunds, anonymous significant financial gifts, or other blessings that God had provided. But we knew we still needed to work towards it. Our budget has remained tight over the last 8 months. But in December as my husband and i looked ahead to 2011 and reflected back on 2010. I said this year is going to be different, this year i don’t want to just get by, i don’t want to always have to be reminding myself trust God he will provide, I want to see the provision, and i want to see it abundantly. I want to be comfortable and not wonder what blessing he will provide & if it will show up in time.

& then came my Christmas promise….

“Do not become discouraged! Your situation may seem impossible in the natural. But if you put your hope in me, I am able to change your circumstances. Nothing is impossible if you only believe. Psalm 42:5 and Mark 9:23″

And I prayed on my knees “God i believe you, I believe this promise and I know you will change it”

But January came, and I looked at our budget and I looked at my husband and i said we are not going to make it, how are we going to pay February’s rent. and he said God will provide! have faith. and i prayed and prayed i am tired of having faith, I don’t want to have faith i want to see the fruit of my faith I am nearing my faith empty signal I can’t take it anymore. change this! God change this! I struggled and struggled. but i read my Christmas verse over and over, and as february began and the rent was paid I wondered will God show up in abundance will he change me situation, because it does seem as the verse says “IMPOSSIBLE”. Our debt was large and our income just covers the day, how on earth are we going to reach our goals this year.

Well Today is March 30th just over 6 weeks to the day I broke down over our impossible situation, wondering how rent was going to be paid let alone our debt and other bills. And well Minus one auto loan my husband and I are debt free! Its only by the Grace of God! By his provision, by his love for us, and his mercy! in 6 weeks God showed up more abundantly than I could have ever dreamed up, more than I could have ever asked him for, more than I had ever prayed for, He showed up in a miraculous way and changed our impossible situation.

We put our hope in him when all else was lost and we prayed over and over for him to show up abundantly, to provide abundantly, to love us abundantly and for us to see him abundantly. We surrendered and claimed our discourage. We sat broken before him and he showed up!

So i encourage you, no matter what life may look like, no matter what struggle you are going through, (and there will always be something, at least until we reach Heaven that is) Know that through it all he is there walking with him, but if you have faith he will change it for you.

Put your trust in him!

“Do not become discouraged! Your situation may seem impossible in the natural. But if you put your hope in me, I am able to change your circumstances. Nothing is impossible if you only believe. Psalm 42:5 and Mark 9:23″


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