Letter to Levi (1yr)

Oh Levi you are such a big boy! I can not believe you are already a year old. You want to walk so bad, the day before your birthday you actually took 4 steps in a row!!! You talk all day long mostly you just say “da da da” but you also say “na na” and “ba ba ba”. I’m pretty sure last week you said Hi daddy, and when i told you to say Bye to your friend Levi Choby his mommy and I swear you said Bye. When you want your big brother’s attention you scream AHH in his direction.
Speaking of you and your brother. You follow him everywhere and want to play with everything he is playing with. You are truly going to be his shadow. For the most part he loves it but somestimes he gets mad at you. When you wake up from your naps he runs in screaming your name and gives you a big hug. When he gets up from him you crawl as fast as you can and tackle him, which usually results in the two of you wrestling. Which is something you 2 do often. Your relationship is super sweet and blesses your mommy and daddy every day.
You are currently 19lbs and 27inches. Tall and thin! You have the same color hair as mommy and it lays so flat and straight. But you do look like your brother in some ways, mostly you just resemble each other.
You sleep mostly through the night, however, you love to nurse and do wake up occassionaly to do just that. You love food!!!!! You are a big meat eater just like your daddy; you love hamburgers!!!!
You are a mommy’s boy until you see your daddy and then you are glued to his side! But you are warming up to other people.
You have the best smiles, my favorite is your underbite smile. You have the best laugh!!!
I love you so much! Everything you such an amazing kid, and i love you more and more everyday! I Can’t wait to see the young man you grow into!!!
Happy Birthday,

Love Mommy!



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