Big Brother Harvey

Oh Harvey,

You are quite the most amazing Big Brother. You love Levi beyond anything i could have ever imagined. You get so excited when he wakes up in the morning, you go running down the hall screaming his name. If he naps longer then you then you go and you get him and give him a big hug. You tell him you love him with no prompting. and right now he is learning to walk so all you want to do is hold his hand and walk with him. Your relationship with him just blesses my heart so much. I love it, it makes me smile so.

In October are you are going to have a new little sibling. We don’t know if it will be a boy or a girl, but you are set that it is a “sister” and you tell us that all the time. You give it kisses and hugs. But a lot of the time you forget its there and try to stand or sit on it. 😦 Today daddy and i were talking about a dream had that the baby was born a boy and i was bummed cause i thought it was suppose to be a girl. We weren’t talking to you at all and said nothing about sister or brother. But you interupted us by tapping on my shoulder, leaning over and in a very “its ok/reassuring” expression and tone of voice said “Sister”. We laughed so hard that you want to reassure me this baby was going to be a sister and not another brother. I hope for you you are right. (secretly for mommy to, i need a girl!)

I just want to tell you how proud I am of the kid you are. and What a great big brother you are. I love you so much!


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