Baby #3

Baby #3 you are 16 weeks gestation right now. & this is my first letter to you. You are due on Oct 6th 2011. I had hoped to a homebirth but daddy & i used the money for that to pay off our credit cards so i am not sure that is going to happen. But thats ok i believe my labor will be quick & painless again & therefore am not worried about doing a hospital VBAC. I hope you are a girl but i know odds are your a boy. We’ll see I’m not convinced either way! I have seen you on ultrasound twice now. once & 7 weeks & once @ 13 weeks. You already look so much like your own person. I just wanted to pick you up right out of the ultrasound and hold you.

You are going to be so loved no matter what you are. Harvey already tells you he loves you.

So far this pregnancy is not much different, although i don’t have the desire to eat as much as i did with either of your brothers.

Not sure what else to tell you right now, except grow strong and try not to get tangled in your cord and we will see you soon!

Love mommy!


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