Easter Sunday

Easter has come and gone, but i think this is the first easter that we have really celebrated. Mostly cause our oldest is finally old enough to start participating and understanding what easter is. Needless to say i was excited and made the most of the holiday as a time to teach him about Jesus, who mind you for 2 weeks or so now my toddler has proclaimed to be living in his heart! (how sweet is that!!! Every mother’s dream to hear her kid say Jesus lives in his heart!)

anyway we worked on lots of crafts this easter painting easter eggs, a cross. and even a post easter craft of making prayer flags which i will share later.

The weekend was full of fun with family and friends, but what was special was the morning we had together as a family of 4. Talking about jesus, singing songs, hearing Harvey pray all by himself, and hunting for eggs and how they relate with the empty tomb. (ok so maybe that went over his head, but if we keep saying it it will sink in!)

Here are some photos of my little guys (sadly not one family photo to show off our easter clothes, some of which i made)

hunting for eggs at a neighborhood hunt.

his first try of a tootsie roll!

Easter baskets

his favorite part was opening the eggs


We hope you all had a wonderful Easter! God Bless you!!!


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