Love Wins

Any of you read/listen to Rob Bell? or have followed the controversy surrounding his new book Love Wins: A Book About Heaven, Hell, and the Fate of Every Person Who Ever Lived""  My husband and I have been as I shared before. We got our copy and have started reading it. We trade-off the book, I read a chapter then he does the same. The idea is that we can then sit and chat about the chapter. It works well for us, we have done this before with other books and enjoy it. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a way to connect with your spouse on an intellectual level.

Anyway I wanted to share my thoughts thus far. I recently read the chapter on Heaven and it really the challenged the way I look at life in general not just heaven. I don’t know that it changed my view and to be honest I don’t even know that I can speak to Rob Bell’s view accurately but he made some points that made me think….

He made a point about how we often view heaven as a place with mansions, Ferraris, streets of gold. That has kind of stuck with me, what kinds of earthly things do I think will be in heaven?

He talked about how in heaven there will be things that we love about this life, possibly those things we love so much we get lost in them. This made think of playing with kids, reading the word, conversations with friends, listening to worship music, even crafting. These activities are all pleasing to God so why wouldn’t they be present in heaven? Rob also talked about how in Heaven the things of this world we hate won’t be possible. Things like War and violence. These things won’t be possible because God is our advocate, he loves us, and these things don’t please him instead they anger him! He asks, (which I loved!) when someone says they can’t believe in a God that is angry, How else would you like him to act in the face of violence to a child? or other such incidents?

The main part of the chapter, however, that really struck me and got me thinking deeply about my moments was the idea of Heaven on Earth. He went into some logistics about this that did not resonate completely with me but the idea of it did stop me in my tracks. I pray every day “[God] Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven”. For Jesus this prayer was reality for him, Heaven on Earth wasn’t a someday thing it was a right now. But do I really live like that?

Rob bell talks about how God originally gave earth to Adam and Eve, he intended for them & their future generations to love on it, take care of it, cherish it; until they were banished from the garden that is. He  talked about prophet Amos promised everything will be repaired and restored and rebuilt. And every thing he has done since banishing Adam and Eve was to bring us back into that relationship. (remember Jesus came to reconcile us with God, to bring us back into relationship with him).

This really made me think about my daily life. how i go about my day, do i make choices and act as someone who God could entrust his earth to? Do i live a life that seeks a partnership with God the? way that he had planned for Adam and Eve to live in partnership with himself?

My mind is still circling around this!


While reading along with the book, I’ve also continued to read some great commentary on the book form


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