Harvey’s special day

Last week despite its busyness of my to do list was also super special. I got to spend a couple of days with just Levi while Harv was off at his grammas house and then on Wednesday i got to spend the day strawberry picking with Harvey while Levi hung out with this special lady. It was really nice to spend some hours one on with him with no worries. The plan for the day was strawberry picking and lunch. We went to Tanaka farms with friends from church (about 50 of them to be exact). It was so much fun! We tried all kinds of organic veggies including brocoli, carrots, onion, and sugar snap peas…..

not to forget the celery of course!

But before the tractor ride was done we got to hop off and pick those strawberries we had been waiting for. Harv had so much fun eating as he went leaving me to fill the basket……

I think we both really enjoyed our time together! He has been telling everyone how he “ride tractor” “man drove” “pick strawberries”. When we were all done he told me “Have fun picking strawberries and apples” (no there were no apples, but we picked those in the fall and he is 2 so cut him a break!) My favorite part though was when i told him to hop back onto the tractor and he took me literal and was hoping but couldn’t hop high enough to get on. 🙂

After picking the strawberries we headed to a quick lunch at our favorite spot to share, the crepe place at Irvine spectrum. We ordered a large ham and cheese crepe and we dug in!

and just cause i want to leave you with a face i think is so cute…..


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