Ahh the challenge of all stay at home moms, especially with young kids… A clean house! It seems to be a topic I have heard a lot lately of moms overwhelmed with the task, and honestly at moments I myself just sit and stare at the mess. So I thought I would share some ideas that either work for me, or for people I know……

The first is a challenge going on right now, it started a week ago but its only 5 days in so if you wanted to join you wouldn’t be far behind. Its called the 31 Days to clean. It’s achristian based approach to having a clean home (A Martha house the Mary way). It has both a journaling side and tangible tasks to help you keep your home. The whole thing sounds pretty great to me!

The second is a posting I read a while back this is pretty similar to how we keep house in our home. Its called Once a month cleaning. Basically its about keeping your home picked up and doing the big stuff on a monthly rotation. For us it works, neither my husband or I are overwhelmed by a messy house or the To Do list full of things that take time away from our lives to keep said house clean.

I’ve also heard of cleaning schedules both done on weekly and monthly schedules, that include both major and non major cleaning. Here is one example. When i was growing up we picked up all week and then 2 Saturdays a month we did the major cleaning. Major being defined as dusting and moping and Cleaning walls and doors.

Whatever the system that works best for you i think its important to evaluate your priorities. For me it has taken a long time to find a balance between clean and over doing it. I have OCD and mine affects me most in the orderliness of my home. So for me it was learning the balance between that obsessive orderliness and what really needed to be clean. Its been work but in the end for me it was more important that i spend time with my family then freaking out over that mark on the wall that no one but me will probably notice. My encouragement to you would be to take a look at what and why you want things clean and how those things fit into your life priorities.

Whatever method you employ to keep a clean home, if you’ve got kids include them in the process. Cleaning as a family will help it be more joyful for you. Not sure what tasks are appropriate for your child’s age Check this out!

So what are your tips for keeping house?


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