Kids and eating

Are they getting enough? Are they not getting enough? Always a question on our minds when we serve up a meal to our kids, especially if they are picky eaters or anti-food in a particular season. In our home we have gone through several seasons of this already in my oldests’ short 2.5 years. But the way we figure it we only ever serve up healthy good for you foods so we know he is getting good nutrition and that over the course of a week or month he is getting what he needs. However at a recent doctors apt the pediatrician gave us a breakdown of the servings a kid needs of each category of the food triangle, it was especially helpful to see how big an actual serving is. It really helped put our minds at ease about how much food our kido was getting.

I thought i would share the info with you in hopes to ease your minds when you go through a “picky”season.

Dairy: 2-3 cups per day (milk, yogurt and cheese)
Fruits and Vegies: 5-9 servings per day one serving is = to 1 tablespoon for each year of age so for a 2 year old they need 2 tablespoons 5-9 times per day
Grains: 6 or more servings (bread, noodles, cereal, rice, crackers) one serving is about 3 tablespoons or 1/3 slice of bread, or 3 crackers
Protein foods: 2 servings per day @ 1/2oz per serving (meat, beans, tofu, eggs) one serving is about 1-2 tablespoons

So next time your kid eats less than a 1/4 of your plate, just remind yourself portion size!!! A little kid’s portion is so much smaller than the portion we as adults eat.


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