Where does Jesus Live?

We have been listening to our Songs From The Playhouse"" CD lately, it’s a new favorite of ours. One of the songs on there that Harvey adores is called “Jesus by my side” He loves singing along with it, it’s on repeat a lot these days. But i don’t mind because i have seen the lyrics sinking into him. Well more like the Holy Spirit seems to have got a hold of his precious little heart, and as he gets older he is being able to verbalize it more and more. We read a story about easter the other day and when we were all done I asked him if we could pray he immediately clasped his hands together and said “Dear Jesus, Thank you day” then waited for me to finish the prayer. (On easter however he finished himself, that was pretty rad!) After praying he said he wanted to sing a song so he sang to me all by himself, all the lyrics to the first part of jesus loves me! (to which levi clapped along and left me wishing we had a video camera running all day long at house non stop, I’m just not quick enough to capture those moments and well he doesn’t repeat himself!) After all that I asked him Harvey do you know where Jesus Lives? He said in my heart and pointed right to it! I’m pretty sure this kid melted my heart!!! and to think i got at least 2 more kids after him to witness falling in love with Jesus. I am going to be a terrible mess of tears!!!!


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