The next Chapter part 1

Seems around here we are always expecting big changes. Its a part of life i know, but it feels like every few months or so we enter new seasons. This last year has been a wonderful season of just growing as a family, watching our boys grow, waiting on the lord, Lots of thoughts running through our heads. As we look back at the last year we remember why we first moved to San Diego…. We felt a tug from the lord to go someplace new, someplace that would be a stepping stone for us to further ourselves and our relationships in prepartion for a bigger calling. We knew it was going to be temporary, but we knew where he would take us would be big in our hearts. We moved to San Diego in July of Last year (2010) and as of June this year we will be headed back to 2011 as we feel God calling us back for now.  But more on that later, right now i just want to take a chance to reflect on the last year and all God has done…

We have raised two boys and are growing #3. We have seen the holy spirit work in them in such powerful ways that are just blessing us and we are excited to watch that relationship grow into something very profound.

God has totally used our story as a couple to bless a few couples both near and far, and that for us spoke volumes about the power of God to use all things for his glory!

We met a wonderful couple who has a passion for missions who go back and forth to Haiti and although we havn’t spent as much time with them as we have liked they were able to connect us with some ideas of possible missions organizations for our family that we otherwise might not have looked at.

We have met another amazing couple who is here planting a church. We know God desired that friendship and Tyler in particular has been beyond blessed by it, it has helped him to identify some desires of his heart and some things in his relationship with God.

I have been blessed by the strength of several mothers, mother’s with Solider husbands off at war and new born babies, mother’s with amazing hearts for the adopted children with needs, mother’s who care of new friends as much as they care for their children; so many mother’s each with their own unique story that am just blessed and amazed by!

We have grown as a couple, really solidfing and identify things we desire in our marriage. We have been blessed with answered prayers both tangible and intangible.

We have been blessed by friends not so near, who are constantly praying on our behalf, inspiring us, caring for us, being available to us, and who in turn we have been able to love on, care for them. we have grown friendships far that we did not know we had when we first moved, and we are very excited to be near those friends soon.

God has just worked powerfully in our life in the last year. and we are so blessed by that power. The best part of it is that i don’t think we came down here expecting or even having an idea of any of the ways he has blessed us! Its amazing how when you say here i am God do your work, he does such wonderful things!


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