The Next Chapter Part 2

So i mentioned last that we are planning on moving again, back home. We put a lot of thought and prayer into this and we are really excited about our decision. We feel that for where God is calling us this is the best decision for the current season, so let me share a little about our current journey.

We moved to San Diego knowing it was temporary, and knowing this would be a stepping stone for us towards where we were headed.

We thought we were moving here to be connected with missions opportunities, and within the first few weeks we had a couple specific ones in mind. We thought that this would be more about us doing some hands on training.

We were wrong!

It was about training us but not in the way we thought. It was about training our hearts, and solidifying future plans. It was also about preparing our budget, our family, and our friendships. There was some tangible training, the church we have been calling home has been pouring into us some tangible things that we will take with us. Messages on loving our neighbors, Messages on serving, Growing, Going. All the messages have equipped us for where we knew God is pulling us (long-term missions). We even took a 6 week class on prayer that was very powerful in changing in our approach to prayer.

So here  sit at the end of year that looks nothing like what we expected but instead so much better than anything we could have imagined.

And now we look towards the next year and the years after that. We still feel a strong calling towards the post christian culture, particularly the UK region. We are looking at two different possible organizations for training to take us down that path, but also have some meals planned with old friends to hear their story about how they are going to do full-time missions as a family and see if their path is something we can pull from.

With those as the long-term we have decided some time spent close to family, nurturing that relationship, letting them love on our children would prove beneficial as we near our biggest adventure yet. We are also expecting #3 and with both of us working at the moment Tyler full-time and me part-time from home we have decided it will also prove beneficial to have those same people around to help babysit (added bonus of course!). There are some friendships that have been established and grown over the last year that we feel are going to impact our future in strong ways and we are excited to develop them more. And there are some service opportunities both old and new that we are excited about. While we do have a small community we have developed here we more or more each week feel God tugging on hearts towards a community that we didn’t realize we had in OC and we are just excited to with that for a while. We feel like the next year will just be more about comfort and peace and growing in that way as we pray and seek what is next for us.

We in no way look at this move as failed because it wasn’t what we thought, and we don’t look at going back as a step backwards. We believe God has called us to both things for different reasons based on the season we are in in our lives and both are in preparation for what he is calling us to next. We know that a lot of what we have right now would not have been possible or maybe would have taken longer had we never made this move and we know that while we could stay here there are some very real needs right now that OC can offer that SD just doesn’t have. So we are excited about this move and in prayer for God to just again bless us beyond our imagination over the next year. and hopefully next year we can report that after 5 years of waiting we will finally be onto what we have felt God pulling us towards. But hey he has his own timeline when we do not know, so who knows what the next year will bring, whatever it is we are excited to find out!!!


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