Thankful for the almost no nap

I was very frustrated this afternoon when this sick little one very tired would not go to sleep for nothing. I bounced around and shshd him for almost an hour. I let him down to play but then he would trip and cry so obviously tired. I was annoyed i had things to do work mostly work to get done. But finally he gave in and just cuddled with me and I sat rocking him I took a breath and relaxed and gave thanks for this little man, and for the time to spend just one on one with him. Life has been busy priorities and responsibilities have adjust since daddy has been home and well reality is this kid is a daddy’s boy. He is weaning himself quicker then I had wanted and as a result of this my time of sitting and holding him feels almost non-existent somedays. So I cherished these few minutes I had with him today just holding him and then like magic he closed his little eyes and was asleep. My heart was at peace it needed this time with him, more than I knew, it missed this time, so i am thankful today that my son fought his nap!


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