Summer Bucket List

We decided to start a summer bucket list. Most of the ideas on it came from things I saw on Pinterest Here is what our list consists of….. (we may add more as we go).

1. Spray paint

2. Water tag

3. Movie in the Park

4. Beach day

5. Make ice cream

6. Make crazy foods like french toast sandwiches and mac n’ cheese sandwiches

7. Go to the Drive-in

8. Paint Pottery

9. Have an Un-Birthday party

10. Plant some fruits/Veggies

11. See dinosaurs

12. Go to Pretend City

13. Read lots of new books

14. Send sweet mail

15. Paint with Balls (tennis, Waffle, and Marbles)

16. Paint with Kitchen gadgets (Salad spinner, rolling pin)

17. Make popsicle

18. Family Photo Shoot

19. Invite a new friend for a meal

20. Complete a family art canvas

21. Nap together

22. Make our family tree

23. Play minigolf

24. Camp (even if its for one night)

25. visit the butterfly farm


2 thoughts on “Summer Bucket List

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