This three-day weekend has been jam-packed and honestly with the exception of today none of it was planned in advance and as it was today was only planned on friday. But after this weekend I feel extremely blessed by the friends we have. Ty and I have been talking a lot about community and what that means to us, who our community is, and what God has done in our lives in terms of community, pretty much lots of community talk. Some of it left us heart-broken and wishing for something different or something more. But some of us has also made us very thankful, like knowing there are people who tell us they will pray for us and then actually text a few days or week later to check in on us, our emotions and those prayers; or the friends who randomly text just to say I miss you man let’s do coffee, or the ones who would in a heartbeat watch your kids for you if they were free. We feel extremely blessed to have several friends who fit into those and a few others. But one thing was certain for us after this weekend and all our community talk, we may not always live down the street from our community but we certainly have community with some amazing people!

Friday evening was spent having an impromptu BBQ with friends, seriously we were getting in the car to go home and my friends husband says what are you doing? why aren’t you staying for dinner?!?! We ended up having dinner, going for a walk, and just hanging out while our kids played. Granted my terrible Two has been terrible all weekend, poor guy, but that is another post for another day! That aside we had a great evening!

Saturday morning we headed out to pick up new bike (again, another post for another day) and had decided to stop by and visit for lunch with some friends in the area. We didn’t make it in their house when they announced that they were going to the drive in to see Cars in the evening and wanted us to join. We ended up spending the day with them, playing on the slip n slide, putting down sleepy kids on their bed, and looking through a garage full of stuff for a yard sale to bless this amazing family. (If you are in the OC, Riverside, or San Diego area please consider checking out their yard sale this week its thur, fri for Mom/Kid stuff and saturday everything).

We needed chairs for the movie so we walked over to visit another friend who happens to leave a street over and they followed us back to the house so that they could chat with that same amazing family about them coming and sharing their story, being prayed over, and giving their church an opportunity to bless them.

And then today, Today was a long day going from 4am til 10pm. full of bike rides, kids playing, food, beach, sun, and fireworks. again my terrible two showing off his terrible self and again being blessed by our friends who helped pick up kids, load and unload our car, played with us and just all around blessed us with their company today.

Wether the time was spent with these friends intentionally investing in us and our kids or seeing them follow a call from God. We are so blessed by these families. When you are with them you know God is working in them in amazing ways and we are honored to call them our friends and community, even if they have been or are currently a long distance community they are none the less each a piece of our community.


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