Elijah and Community

If you havn’t followed me enough on FB and seen Elijah yet here he is….

This little guy just a month old has certainly made his mark on this world and he hasn’t even left the hospital yet. He officially has a family who is still working hard at coming up with the finances to be able take him home.

 That aside this kid as i said has made his mark. His story and the story of the family who God choose for him these last couple weeks have both been touching hearts so much. I got to spend some time with his new mom over the weekend, not a lot but long enough to hear bits of her story and how God brought her to Elijah and jsut how God is working out their story.
She told of how on a tuesday evening she got a call that he could be theres and by thursday she had arrived to meet him. Her, her husband, and her son flew from NY to CA on 24 hours notice!!! They have stayed since with a dear friend of mine, a stranger to them, only known through a mutual friend who had put out a blanket request for anyone in the area who may be able and willing to offer a place to stay. I’ve heard the sad story of a birth mom who followed her heart and where God prompted her (whether she recognizes it or not) but found her family at odds with her over her decision. But in all the parts of the story i heard the part that blew me away the most the part that broke my heart and has weighed deeply on me the last few days was reading these words said in response to what the Coffee family is doing…
I’m shocked! How could anyone say such thing so obviously following a prompting from God! If i was this mom I would be crushed, I would be torn apart. Wondering these are my friends? my family? my community? my church? Honestly i would be very discouraged!!!
But this amazing strong woman i met this weekend was not discouraged at all! She was on the verge of tears yes, but not because of the things questioned of her but by the love she found here in Southern California. Instead of it getting to her that in places she expected support she found doubt, She rested and rejoiced in the active working urgings of christ and the spirit in people she had never met and some she may never meet! In the moments i spent with here Truck loads (litteraly the first LOADS of more multiple loads dropped off by a pick-up) were dropped off at the home she is staying in of people donating things for the yard sale that is being held to raise funds her her bring home her new son. A friend of mine and Local Pastor of We are Elevation church in Menifee stopped by to invite her and her family to his services the next morning to offer her a love Blessing. His wife shared that they are a small church, as they are only in their 9th week, probably wouldn’t be able to offer them much but they could offer up prayer on their behalf if nothing else. In the days and weeks prior to my visit this weekend food and care packages had been delivered and donations made via the pay pal link on the families blog. and while all this was going on around her, this mom sat thankful and grateful for people she had never met and rested in that instead of the responses of her community at home.
I was broken by God’s workings.
As i sat thinking about this mother’s response and the people involved I was blown away about God’s grace and mercey. His spirit was working in the lives of people calling them to sacrafice for a child and a family they will probably never meet. These strangers, my family and friends included, were acting simply on a prompting from God and that is an incredible thing; Not just for us, and not just for the benefit for the Coffee family and Baby Elijah; but largely it speaks volumes about the Power and the Glory of God and his spirit at work!!

You can donate on their blog, and if you mention Leslie Autumn Potography Mrs. Leslie will enter for a chance to win a photoshoot with her!

Or if you in Riverside County, Orange County, or San Diego County i would highly suggest heading up to Canyon Lake this week/weekend and checking out the massive Yard sale which will 100% go to helping this family.


Location: ‎34238 Aurora Court Lake Elsinore, Ca 92532
Time: ‎5:00PM Thursday, July 7th – 5:00PM Friday, July 8th – and Saturday July 9th in Canyon Lake
But of course if neither of these options are doable you can always help them out with some prayer. No prayer is to small! Elijah is doing better and eating meals but he still has some work in the food area and in the hospital so if you could pray for his help he would be very appreciative.
the family has big financial needs so if you can pray for them there that would also be appreciated.
they are also getting a little homesick, and are now missing their daddy who had to return to work so they could also use some general prayer for their lives not just their finances.
Pray Pray Pray if nothing else pray for this family, this baby, and give thanks to the Glory of God working in your heart, my heart, and all the hearts of all the people who have stepped forward to help them out!



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