Open Air

Every couple needs time away, especially when you have kids… Our time away was a weekend in San Fran! It was a peaceful and well desserved weekend away, and the highlight of course was seeing my hubby’s work in a gallery. We enjoyed the city and on the way home we enjoyed a leisurely drive along the coast, (really leisurely- seriously if your good in a car its beautiful and worth it, but not if in your hurry to get somewhere, i swear i saw 30miles to Hearst castle for like 3 hours!)

Are you traveling anywhere this summer? I sure hope so even it is a staycation!


2 thoughts on “Open Air

  1. How wonderful! Just you and him? I love San fran….but hubby HATES cities. Luckily most of my side of the family lives there so we get to visit every so often. I looooove these pictures. It makes me want to jump inside and enjoy the cool crisp air up there! We are going to Aruba! Our very first vacation EVER!


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