Praise God

God is so amazing! Always there, Always on your side, Always providing! We have been going through the book of Mark at our church this season and talking a lot about God’s miracles. It’s amazing to hear all the stories of healing, provision, protection all the things he provides for us on the day to day, big and small!

This past week my family and I got be part of one of those miracles and I feel so blessed by it. I have been sharing about Baby Elijah for a couple weeks now. He is a sweet baby boy who has had a few set backs in his short 7 weeks of life and has still to see life outside the NICU. But he has a sweet family visting CA her to take him to their home in NY to love on him and raise him. They do have had lots of set backs in the month they have known about him and been here to take him home. But this weekend was full of blessing for them!

One of the things they needed to bring him home was 1/2 of the adoption fees, they had applied for a grant that would match them $1 for $1 for any donations they received, but they didn’t receive the grant. 😦 That meant for them a lot more $ to be raised before they could go home. A yard sale had already been organzied to raise money so we prayed and prayed over it, lots of people did and we asked it be a blessing. The organizer asked me do you think we will get $500 i thought yeah i think so! oh we didn’t know what we were in for. I got to be there two days and oh how i wish i had taken photos for you to see! Truck loads upon truck loads of stuff showed up for days!!! seriously!!! in the first two hours on the first evening they had already raised almost $1000!!!!!! and there was still so much stuff it didn’t look like a dent had been made! More and more arrived. By friday night almost $2000 had been raised, and on saturday the stuff wasn’t even hitting the ground it was being bought right off the truck!!! So much stuff!!! and so many amazing people!!!! from people bring donations of things to sell when they didn’t think they would have nothing else to people not taking their change so that there would be more for Elijah. My dear friend has a few stories shared on her blog, but let me tell you it doesn’t do it justice! To stand there and be handed a $20 by a lady who didn’t buy a thing it gets to you the first time and it gets to you the tenth time. All in all the 3 days raised almost $3000 for this family! God is truly Amazing!!!!! They still have a was to go in adoption fees but they can atleast go home.

And as if the weekend couldn’t get any better i spoke to my friend today and she told me that they she was busy decorating her house with 3 kids because Elijah gets to come home this morning!

Please keep him in your prayers that all goes well this morning, that all goes well with all the paperwork to let them fly home, that they have  safe flight, and let’s just praise God for his blessings over them and that they continue in abundance!



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