Monday Blessings

Happy Monday! I hope yours was good, mine was full of lots of prayers! Prayers for patience, prayers for peace, prayers for guidance; lots of prayers!!! I also got to spend an hour in prayer, worship (Brian and Jen Johnson a favorite of Mine!), and reading! I reminded myself of all the ways I’m blessed and the gifts God has given me. I am trying to keep up with Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts (an amazing book!) and I’m at just around 100 gifts listed so far. I thought to help remind me how blessed I am I would share with you a peak at some of the gifts listed this week…. (some are marked Miracle, because at church right now we are talking a lot about miracles and on of our pastors asked us to identify some miracles in our life)……

65. Miracle-> 3K in 3 days @ a yard sale for Elijah

75. My Jesus Freak 2 Year old

76. Grace giving friends

77. napping Kids

96. Girls Nights

97. long phone conversations

98. Spirit filled friends

As I look at my list i know i am blessed by so much day in day out minute by minute, and I KNOW God will redeem the time today and that somehow he will use it to be a blessing to his name!

May you feel his blessings as you go about your week!

————–This post is being linked in two places this week, Check them out, Ann Voskamp and He sows She sews——————-


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