My new bike

You have probably seen it in some of my photos already this month; But my amazing husband bought me a new bike! I’m pretty stoked.

My new bike!

Yes it is technically a trike! But i love it and there is a story behind that, are you ready for it? Here is me being vulnerable and sharing with you. I’m not a bike rider! i didn’t learn to rid a 2 wheeler until i was like 11 i think and even then i rode it for the remander of that summer and never got on one again. As i got older my excuse was that i was to short to ride a beach cruiser but when we first got married my hubby bought me a beach cruiser from his uncle who owned a bike shop. I rode it around at the time of purchase and i could actually reach the pedals so he got it we took it home to go on a bike ride to a friends house a few blocks away. We made it half way before we turned around. Never spoke of it again or rode again infact we sold the bike less then a year later. Then a little over a month ago i asked my husband what he thought about getting me a 3 wheeler. He said that would be great! and proceeded to tell me how he thought i was going to kill myself on my beach cruiser. I had not stability and a lot of anxiety. So we found this one on craigslist in great condition and now its mine!! and I love it!!! And my husband can rest assured that i won’t be falling into any oncoming traffic anytime soon! Isn’t he a sweet hubby!

Family bike ride now dibber


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