I was that mom

I have a lot of sympathy for moms in the store with screaming kids. Its hard when you have small ones and no matter how disciplined they are there are still those moments when not even you can control the situation. It’s a part of motherhood we are all humbled by at some point. Mine came in the target parking lot!! I stood there for 20 plus minutes listening to my 2 year scream about how he wanted to sit in the seat of the cart (where the baby was sitting) followed by screaming that he wanted to sit in time out! (seriously what kid wants to sit in time out?!?!?!) After 20min I gave up I needed what I  needed ran in grabbed the medicine i needed and ran out again, him screaming the whole way through face turning purple in the back of the cart! the screaming continued in the car all the way home and up to his room where he sat on his bed until his tantrum was done almost 1 hour and 15min later! Silence came I walked in expecting to find him sleep but instead received a huge and unexpected hug and apology!!

Why do I share this? lot’s of reasons…

one I’m sure there is a mom out there who needs to feel normal. (Typically my son’s fits are over in a few minutes,  consist of one long scream followed by a purple face, held breath, and occasionally ends with him passing out)

and Two I’m curious how do you mom handle these moments, I’m sure with 2 more yet to turn 2 I have more of these coming my way! (God help me!) Typically the tantrums we have are at home and so we isolate him. He is a social butterfly and we believe that punishment should always fit the kid so isolation seems to be the trick! Time outs are great when he needs punishing, but since I believe that tantrum are simply an outlet for expressing a negative feeling i don’t want to deter the expressing of the feeling i simply want to help him express it in a proper direction, so he is supposed to sit in his room alone until he is done crying and is ready to talk with me. (keep in mind these are the tantrums not brought on by disobedience) It typically works great only takes him a few minutes to calm down and chat. But this week we were out, i was lost!

What do you moms do? How do you handle tantrums?


One thought on “I was that mom

  1. I’m that mom EVERY time we go to target. Every time! And only that store! But usually in the same exact part of that store (I think it has happened in the cleaning supplies aisle like, 3 times). We were there a couple of days ago and James let out such a blood curdling scream that when it was over, a lady turned around and said “wow.” Gah.

    I agree that the parenting has to suit the child, but for what it’s worth, James has more than one kind of tantrum: sometimes he’s expressing an emotion, and he just needs to get it out! But other times… he’s just mad he can’t have his own way and being naughty/trying to get a reaction out of me. I’m trying to teach him it’s ok to feel his feelings, but it’s not ok to behave however he wants when he’s in a tantrum (violence is not ok. hitting is not ok. Throwing himself around like a crazy person and injuring himself is not ok!) For us, time outs are not very effective: He doesn’t really view them as a punishment, he views them as fun. They are helpful when he needs to steam down though!


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