Monday Blessings

In as soon as 5 short weeks I will be blessed one more time with the best kind of blessing at all a baby! This sweet baby will make boy #3 for my husband and I. That means i am one blessed lady 4 amazing men here on earth to bless and love me each and every day, 4 amazing men to show me the love of christ in new & tangible through the grace of God!!!

As i sat before church yesterday looking at the 3 that are here, one doing dishes, and the other 2 eating and playing. I felt a lot of excitment in the anticipation of this new little man.

I pray over him safety for his arrival, Peace as he enters into this world, Grace as he grows in it, and Love as he lives. May He always know he is not just my beloved blessing but the beloved child of God!

Want a peak at my 3 so far and the belly of the one on the way go here…..

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