Preschool Time

July 1 began our school year in our home. We are homeschooling our way through preschool with the hopes of homeschooling into grade school and maybe even longer but for now we are taking one year at a time. So this year is year 1 of preschool. We begin our co-coop in september hosted by this amazing lady. But for the months of July and August we eased into our first year reviewing topics we had covered doing tot school activities and working our way into a more formal curriculum for preschool.

Each week was spent on a different unit covering topics from animals to food to alphabets and numbers. In a couple weeks we will be covering who “Harvey” is and what God created him to be. Each week we spent time reading books, completed our summer reading program activities, and ending each week with art centered around our topic. We even had friends join us on those Fridays. Here is a peak at what our weeks have looked like so far….

Well off to do some planning actually for this little guy who is oh so excited about his new school books, if he could he would be half way through the year already!


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