Monday Blessings (Brotherly love)

As time quickly approaches to the birth of the newest brother in our household we are spending lots of time loving on the two boys I have now. But you know what? They spend a lot of the day ignoring me and blessing eachother and that is a blessing to my heart. Harvey is a great big brother always looking out for Levi and pushing him around the house to play with cars, or trains, or stuffed animals or noah’s arc. Its really sweet to watch them sit next to eachother, share their food, play together, make music together, it even warms my heart to hear Harvey say “no no Levi” or “Mommmy Levi is……” It all just shows how much brotherly love fills our home every day, i can’t imagine how much more we can squeeze in when Oliver arrives but  I’m certain we will manage!



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One thought on “Monday Blessings (Brotherly love)

  1. Visiting from the Multitude Monday! That’s so wonderful that your boys are so in love. Makes for a very peaceful home. My children, older, are not as outwardly or vocally expressive about their feelings, but I know deep down inside that love resides! Have a blessed week.


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