Monday Blessings (Family Service)

I am abundantly feeling blessed this week, more blessed then normal. There is something in me that breaks every time I hear Harvey ask to go see Jesus, or pray blessings out loud, or really anytime i hear him show any sign of the spirit filling him. So this week this week just pushed me over my limit. Ok so he is only 2.5 so I have a minimum of what 15.5 years before he moves out and i get to witness his walk first hand and then what another 40 years or more of seeing him act as the man of God he chooses to be! But until then my heart will just keep spilling over overwhelmingly with love and blessings for this kid!

So what did he do this week did you ask?

He asked as like most mornings Tue – Sat (Monday’s we get a break cause we were just at church) to see Jesus. I told him we couldn’t but that we were going to run an errand for Jesus, that Jesus had asked us to do him a favor.

What? he asked.

“bring someone food”


“Because they don’t have any, and they need to eat  just like you eat”

“Why don’t they have food?”

“I don’t know, But we need to take them food”

“ok he said, an errand for Jesus!!!”

so then the whole way there he kept saying “We are going on an errand for Jesus”

We stopped by a friends house with a box of food for her to take to someone in need, the boys stayed in the car while I took it up. Then  later that day my husband dropped Harvey at grandmas and the first thing out of his mouth was telling her all about how he took food to a man who needed it who didn’t have anything to eat, and how we helped Jesus.

Oh man can i tell you the tears in my eyes, not only had he listened to what i said, he understood what i told him, he connected with what we did, and it was important enough to him to share what we had done. He was so proud of how he had helped Jesus!

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