This summer I have been having lots of conversations prompted by books and blog posts and just general conversation. All good conversations, all centered around this calling of motherhood.  Some of them have been such blessings and affirmations, but all of them have my head spinning.

This post sums up so well how i feel about the calling. This idea that we are called into this role and that it is our most important role!

Our kids are so important and should always rank so high in our books. It makes me sad to talk to parents who put their life first, their needs and their wants. Kids are such a blessing and we are called to raise them and care for them!  It is something we need to take seriously very seriously and not just think of them as a an accessory to our life!

Our kids should know that we sacrifice for them, that we put ourselves aside for their betterment. It’s not easy, and its often a struggle. There are lots of things my husband or I want to do but we can’t because we need the $ for something for the kids, or we don’t have a baby sitter. I’ve missed two concerts (with paid tickets and no refund) because my kids needed me. I am snappy at times in the afternoon because i’m tired and frusterated after a night of little sleep, a day of little food, or a morning of just pure disobedience. That’s all ok, that is normal! Most moms and most parents go through the same experiences. But its important that even in those moments our children don’t feel that we resent them, but instead they know how blessed we feel to raise them.

One said conversation with a friend was prompted out of the question of what are we teaching our children if we don’t take time for ourselves? if we always put them first? I would say its not about always putting them first and never taking time for ourselves. It goes beyond that. If instead of cleaning the house I take the time to play with my kids its not because my child is spoiled by my attention but because simply my priorties are different. For example for me its more important i pick up my house, sweept the floors and load the dishwasher just before bed and in the morning during breakfast dishwashers are emptied and any prep for the days meals are done. The rest of the day is then then spent with my children. We run our errands together, play together, read together, go on walks, do school, pretty much anything they desire with in reason. Not because they are spoiled but because raising my children and teaching them the way of the lord is more important then a perfect house or a perfect meal. I believe i am teaching my children the same love that Jesus taught.

Let me say that again, by putting my children first before household chores and my wants I am teaching my children the same love that Jesus exemplified.

If you go back and look at the life of Jesus he was always available always there for his children (his followers, anyone who seeked him good or bad). He always made the time for them even when he was tired, weary, and busy. Wether he was in the middle of dinner in his honor and was interupted by a woman. Or in the middle of a house full of people and stops to focus on men cutting in front of everyone by way of the ceiling. Or my most favorite as Jesus gathered his disciples on a boat in hopes to rest and retreat away to rest up but instead he is greated by crowds of 5000 and what does he do? Does he turn around? Tell them its his time to rest that he is to tired for them? Does he yell at them for following him? No he gives thanks to his father, breaks bread, and he feeds them!!!

He always stopped and paused for those seeking him. He showed them that his calling was to be here for them, to teach them, and most importantly love on them! So what are we teaching our children when come home from a date early, stay awake all night rocking our baby, allow them to curl up in our bed all night when they are sick or have a bad dream, put off cleaning the floor til later, or simply set aside our to do list to play with our children? We are teaching them that our calling is of the upmost imporance to us and that our calling is them!!!! We are showing them the same love and example that Christ showed us!

What better of a way to raise our children up to be Godly men and woman?

So now the question is how do we do it with a gracious spirit and not one that is tired and overworked?

I’ll let you know when i figure that one out! But i venture to say it takes a lot of Prayer and a lot of God so count those blessings!!!!! and I leave you with this… Proverbs 31 tells us that a Godly Woman “Gets up while its still night” (V15) and that “her light doesn’t go out at night” (V18). Why? because her day is filled with so much she has no choice but to stay up and get up early to take care of her work and needs so that the rest of the day is spent in service to the lord!


One thought on “Motherhood

  1. I love this post, thank you so much! It completely spoke to me! I have a lot of friends always talking about how important it is to have “that time” to regroup, that time to yourself, and I always find myself wondering how much time Jesus needed to Himself. 🙂


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