Page Turners….

I have been plowing through books all summer! We have no internet at home so in the evening i’ve been reading and been going through almost a book a day it seems! I’ve read some good ones …. Are you ready for a summer reading recap????

Spiritual Parenting: An Awakening for Today's Families by Michelle Anthony: Book Cover

Spiritual Parenting By Michelle Anthony

Seriously such a good book for any parent! I took her class a few years ago but when her book came out i wanted to read it. It was such a great reminder of how to great an environment in your home that nurtures their developing faith. She gives lots of practical things you can do with your family. One of the main things i took away was speaking words over children to help them see themselves the way God views them. I did this tangibly but framing for each them a wordle with their names and words describing them. It was really fun to do and although Levi has no clue what the heck it is, Harvey likes seeing the words that describe him including the fruits of the spirit he is blessed with.

Love Wins By Rob Bell

Oh Man this book! All i can say is read it for yourself don’t take anyone elses opinion of it, read it and form your own opinion! From my perspective it wasn’t anything new, all thoughts i had heard before nothing to crazy. I can see where his critics can pull their “support” for their argument but i can also see how they have taken them out of context or misunderstood him. In the end I dont feel Rob Bell is a universalist or saying Hell doesn’t exist But rather he is open to the idea that Jesus died for all us christian and non christian and that God loves us all and is seeking for all of us to Love him. He will give us what we desire but he won’t ever stop persuing us! Anyway in the end i suggest reading it for yourself, it was life changing for me but i also didn’t see it as horrible as the reviewers wanted us all to believe. I would post more about it but i really really think you should all just read it for yourself and let God direct you on what you do or do not believe.

Home Grown Kids

Home Grown Kids By Raymond Moore

There were a few things in this book i didn’t agree with. They had some opinions towards babys that go against my attachment parenting beliefs. And there were a few opinions about the type of education early grade school kids should receive that i didn’t feel lined up with my beliefs or necessarly my kids desire to learn. But there were some great tips on things to do through out your day to teach your small ones and still a good read for a homeschool family. It helped me really think outside the structured x-y hour sit at the table and do school and more about how learning is in all our activities.

I read a sweet 55 page biography on Susanna Wesley. An amazing christian woman so very inspiring! i was prompted to read it when twice in one week i hard that it has been said that she would take her apron and put it over her head and sit at the kitchen table just to get time alone with God. In her mothering years she mothered 16 children although several died in their early years. But she fought through tragedy raised the mind behind the methodist church and through all she did stayed faithful and exemplified the Proverbs 31 woman!

CD321 - total money makeover big.jpg

The Total Money Makeover By Dave Ramsey

This one was an easy read for me, it read more like a text book so i was able to use my speed reading skills. (Guess that class my mom made me take back in HS does pay off sometimes) Anyway it did inspire me to do a few things with our finances, our debt is paid off already something that took us 4 years to do but is making life a whole better now. But this book has inspired a few new things that we hadn’t thought about before or that we had but we overwhelmed by and now seem more managable. I love how he says over and over again that if everyone looks at you like you are crazy then you are probably doing things right. What he means is that while you pay off debt and start the types of savings that he talks about doing you will have to make sacrafices and changes that people will think is nuts. You know what he is right! As a mentioned we have been going without internet at home for a few months now to save some money, we haven’t had a credit card in 3 years, we have never had TV except for a few months before the bunny ears stopped working, we do things like cloth diaper, sew our own clothes, repurpose things whatever it takes. Some of these things we started doing to save money others were for health/natural living purposes but all have become just who we are and our lifestyle and we love it! Sure once in a while those luxuries would be nice but on the whole we don’t miss them and we are happier and feel more accomplished in our day to day. Its hard to explain. But in the moments where we do wish we had those luxuries that everyone else had we stop and remember that we are debt free we don’t have that burden and that if we keep this up we can travel like we want to and retire like we want to and not be burdened by debt that will outlive us! Anyway its a good book i highly suggest it! its not all financial jargon he does a great job of talking to his readers like any other person and putting things in terms you can understand. and if you see his class come up at your church take it!!!! We have not gotten the chance yet but have only heard good things!!!

Still on the reading list this summer or i guess i should say on the list for this fall (when did it become September?!?!)

I’m in the middle of Becoming the Woman God wants me to be and I just started for the second time Amanda Soules Creative Family.

I plan to read:

Handmade Home by Amanda Soule

The land Between by Jeff Manion

Cold Tangerines by Shauna Niequist

What have you been reading? What do you plan to read? I’d love to hear!!!


2 thoughts on “Page Turners….

  1. read a ton this year… slowed down since Summer started but I have read:

    Crazy love, 1000 gifts, same kinda different as me, cold tangerines and bittersweet, Sacred Marriage (great book) Grace based parenting, redeeming love (wrote a blog about that one), Not a fan, case for make believe (also wrote a mini review), living with less so your family can have more, a praying life (incredible), the gift of sex, steady days, becoming the woman God wants you to be (be careful, it’s rigid). I have the Dave Ramsey book but haven’t picked it up yet. Thanks for the reviews..


  2. Christine that is a lot! I’m reading the becoming the woman God wants me to be we are day 67 i think. but so far its been a really easy read for me. almost every one of her practicals is something i already do. I think there have only been a couple days where i actually had to do the practical. But i love it!!!! Leslie turned me on to mostly cause she hated it so much because it was so intense with the daily practicals.

    you should read the dave ramsey one though its really good! Everyone i know who has done his program has loved it!


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