Gifts of 1000 (Monday Blessings)

Did i mention 1000 gifts? Oh man seriously if you havn’t read it pick it up!!!!

This book in and of itself was such a blessing to me, it has totally influenced me and i didn’t even realize it was doing that. I go about my day looking at the world so much differently. Not that i am a woe is me person, i tend to not have regrets or dwell on things, infact i can be rather cold emotionally at times, but this book has totally helped me to see the negatives I did see as positives and the stresses i do have as blessings. This is a powerful book!

so here is a peak on this monday of some of the blessings that have been passing by me…..

101. Baby Kicks

103. Hugs from my boys

105. Comfy Beds and pillows ( a must for someone was prego as me!)

107. husbands who cook

108. Hugs that wrap tight

112. “I’ve been there to” Moms

115. Not enough mommy to go around (or what i normaly refer to as meltdown central)

123. completed tasks

127. Peace only God can provide

132. Organic/natural Foods

138, Wind chimes

145. Talents of generations passed

146. Talents of generations present

162. God Constantly leading/teaching

169. Levi saying “Jesus”

174. Others unknowingly praying my prayers a loud

175. Answered prayers

177. That [he] made me the perfect wife for Tyler

182. Psalm 20

183. Serving with Harvey

200. Harvey praying Mommy feel better prayers to Jesus

216. Church community

I challenge you even if you havn’t read the book or follow her blog start your own list of 1000 Gifts really its powerfull! and head over to links below to see how others are being blessed!


————–This post is being linked in two places this week, Check them out, Ann Voskamp and He sows She sews——————-


3 thoughts on “Gifts of 1000 (Monday Blessings)

  1. LOVE 1000 gifts. Changed my life – completely 180. I still have my struggle yes, but i see in a whole new light now.. I wrote an entire blog about that book and continue to jot my gifts. I absolutely LOVE reading other people’s gifts too. Always gives me goosebumps…
    keep -em up. 😉


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