Monday Blessings (Dinner party)

I’ve said before i’m being blessed to have Boy #3 on the way and I’ve said before that i am blessed with sweet freinds (in particular a few who live an hours drive away, oh how i wish we were closer!) But recently the two blessings merged as i get to spend an evening celebrating blessing # 3 with 3 of the sweetest of friends. The hostess herself I would say is one of my dearest and she put a lot of effort and energy into making the evening super special and fitting to what i might want. She worked so hard and it all looked amazing! She is so talented and i love her so. I can’t imagine anyone who could have made me feel so special as she did that night! Please go look!

But oh these woman they are each a blessing in themselves. While the daddies were off with the kids at the pool in the 100 degree heat at 7pm! We ladies laughed a lot, chatted a lot, ate a lot! and overall just spent a few hours getting filled in a way that was needed and of course celebrating the new baby to be. It was a night that i am convinced needs to occur again, and was a night that made my husband and I both wish we lived on their block now and not a year or so from now as we have been thinking.

Its a blessing to have friends but these friends i feel extra special to be blessed by the newest of 3 i just got to know this year and she is just so sweet and on boy # 3 herself due to arrive any day. I am enjoying getting to know her so much. I got to hear a bit of her heart that night and it made me enjoy her even more. The shortest of the #3 (much closer to my height) is the one i’ve known the longest and she is just as sweet as sweet can be. But we met just as she and her husband were moving away and although our hubbys have known eachother and although we went to the same church we have had to get to know eachother with distance between, but now that the distance is only an hour and not a whole state or more away its been really sweet to get to hang out. our kids are both born within a few months of eachother and Her and her husband have a heart for God like no other. and well the hostess I talk her up a lot as you may know if you follow my posts at all. Her family is just so near and dear to ours! But like i said these 3 have blessed me in a way like no other because their friendships have all grown and been developed with distance between us never have we lived with in 20 min of eachother excpet maybe for the few weeks  upon meeting. and So i am struck at how the love of Christ in this woman has overcome geographics!

Thank you lord for them, their friendship, their hearts, their creativity, and their desire to love on me and on Oliver. I only hope i can bless them in such a way!


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