Starts and Stops

Today was kinda bittersweet for me. I didn’t realize it until I sat in church this morning and then it kinda hit me today was a big day for me and my hubby. I have been attending the same home church for almost 7 years; my husband longer. Granted we lived about an hour away this last year and we found a home church in our area but when we were home on weekends visiting family we attended our church and I came up mid-week and served and was part of the moms group on the days I visited family and friends. This church has been a huge part of my story, it’s the church God really grew me in. He refined my faith at this church, I have come to love him and know him in a way I hadn’t before. The leaders and pastors I have known and been in relationship with or even have just seen from afar have taught me so much. This is the church I not only was refined in, but the church I met my husband at, the church that carried me 1/2 across the world on my first missions trip, the church where I have learned a lot about my calling, my gifts, the church where i have made family, been mentored, mentored others, the church that has helped and supported us emotionally and even at times where we have been blessed with financial grace and the church my babies were born into. It is in every essence of the word my home our home! But today we made a public statement to be part of a new church and Joined that church as it was launched and prayed over by our home.

what you have to know first is that our home church has always been a Kingdom minded church. Something we feel very blessed to have been a part of and have ingrained into our faith. Our home church has organized a huge easter service every year that meets at the local fair grounds over several services that weekend, they have done Halloween carnivals, and have organized county-wide serve days. Often never putting their name on any of it but always partnering with other churches and going out and serving on behalf of God. A couple of years ago they set forth with a vision to train up the body to go out, to serve, to plant churches, and to be the body of christ in tangible ways. I was honored to have been part of some of their initial training opportunities and be part of such a big vision for the body. Then 2 years ago they challenged themselves to take their vision of going out into the kingdom a step further by planting 1 church a year, and setting up 2 campus’ for the main body. The idea was to start new churches, but also to have our very wide (covering all of OC and people driving in from riverside and even LA) church body been in their communities. Their desire had always been for people to go out and not expand their own church but they wanted people to get into their own neighborhoods and this seemed liked a good way to do that. So they set out and they have accomplished it! They have 4 campuses besides the main church building, and they have done 3 church plants since 2009.

The last of the church plants is the one that we will now be attending. It’s a crazy story of a church that was seeing and God called to Costa Mesa (the city where our home church is centered), they partnered with our home church, utilizing a worship space, office space, trainings, and resources that are set aside just for this kind of purpose, then merging with another Costa Mesa church and is now being relaunched into the city. It’s an amazing little church with so much to offer! A church filled with community (more community then i have seen in a church), a church filled with desire motivation, and a church intentional about seeking God’s plan and how they fit into his big picture.

We have been attending it now for almost 2 months and love it! We had checked out other churches over the years but never felt called to one, until this one. We checked it out and instantly we knew God was calling us out and into new faith, new steps, and a new church.

So like I said today was bittersweet for us. Our home church for more than 1/2 a decade invited in this church to one of their services, they prayed over the leaders, and invited the body to come up as they laid hands and prayed over us and then sent us into the city to serve. It was incredible! Such a blessing to be part of a church some kingdom focused that they would invite another church into their building to utilize their resources and help them launch into their same city! and then not only that but pray over them and bless them! I feel so honored and grateful to have been part of such an awesome church, to have my faith grown and refined in a church that has no personal agenda but seeks to do what God is calling them to, and I am so excited to be called out of that and into a new church that is being intentional about what God is calling them to and where they are going. It’s always sad to leave ones home but I know God is doing great things and I’m excited about this new chapter!!!


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