Monday Blessings

I don’t have much to share today. The blessings i see around me are just in abundance but my head is swimming with all the things that need to get done or are being done around me right now. God is just answering prayers left and right and its amazing amazing to see! But there are so many small little blessings that he has provide in this busy time…

224. Flowers on my table

226. financial blessings (ok that one wasn’t small that one was big!)

227. Parents who help in many many ways

248. Worship music

252. Long walks

253. Conversations with Harvey

256. Time in the word

261. childrens sweet voices

268. Family time

276. Laying next to sleeping children

277. Phone calls from grandma

Just today already we have…

278. Cleaned window sills, dusted cabinets

279. Learning our ABC’s

280. Friends for lunch

281. Ministry opportunities

282. Surprise visits from friends

283. Meltdown free morning

284. homemade mac n cheese

285. Laundry put away

sometimes the little things are just as big as the big things!

————–This post is being linked in two places this week, Check them out, Ann Voskamp and He sows She sews——————-


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