Date night book

I am really excited about the little project i made today I just had to share! Its a date night book.

Here is how it works, there are a couple pages set aside for each month. The first page includes the month and what the date is, the next is a shopping list if needed, followed by a spot to paste in a mini polaroid (which we will take with our Diana F+) and a spot to journal anything notable from the evening.

I took the ideas from some of the date night suggestions i had found on pinterest…. Here andHere.

I did mine in a mini moleskin which my husband can easily keep in his truck or with his calender, and he can flip ahead to see if he needs to plan anything (some of the months are his choice and others require advance preperation). So the book works for us. But you can also do them as a secret to open together in a big envelop like this girl did.

Our dates included:

Game night in, candelight fondue for 2 at home, mini golf, frisbee golf, hubby’s choice, dinner at a place starting with “S” and dessert “A” (for my birthday),

However you do yours i say have fun with it! Make them sweet and special, some elaborate, some simple!


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