Monday Blessings (or in this case Friday’s Blessings)

Friday 9/30/11 was a day full of blessings for me and my family…..

6am I woke an hour before my boys! (Blessing #1 one hour alone!)

6:45 am texted with daddy that i thought there was an 80% chance i was in labor. But wasn’t sure. Should he come home? He thinks yes if i’m not in labor then i must have eaten something to upset my stomach and either way i’m not able to care for our two boys. (Blessing #2 Daddy head home)

7:00 boys awake and decided to watch Mickey on my bed (Blessing #3 quiet boys not begging to start their day like usual!)

7:30 am Daddy arrives home and starts breakfast. (Blessing #4 boys out of my hair!)

7:35 we decide i need daddy boys should go to grandmas, Daddy makes arrangments and by 9 they are gone. (Blessing #5 time alone with my hubby to figure out why the heck my stomach hurts and yet i cant go to the bathroom! What is this? could it be? no)

9:00 am warm shower! (Blessing #6 i love hot showers!)

9:45 lay on floor listen to hypbirth tract, 99% sure this is real labor, have notified our moms and followed up that we have someone to take photos when we decide to go to hospital. (Blessing #7 quiet relaxtion)

10:30 get up to go pee, one intense contraction, finally admit to ourselves this must be real labor, realize i need to focus! (Blessing #8 Hubby helping me try to focus)

10:45 realize i need soemthing i can’t explain to my husband call my friend and back-up doula she walks me through 2 contractions to show hubby what to do via the phone. Her and i chat between contractions about why it would hurt for me to sit or squat and how i should try pelvic rocks we think he may be posterior based on what i’m feeling. we decide i’m gonna do those and lay down again call her back in 30 min. (Blessing #9 birth professionals!)

10:50 call her back- we’ve decided to head to the hospital, even if we don’t go in if my contractions getting any closer i don’t want to have to manage them in the car. They are already 1min long and 3-4 min apart. They don’t hurt unless i loose focus and i’m stressing about how to focus in the car. She stays on the phone walks me through more – they are getting closer and have changed up a bit. (Blessing #10 clear mind to decide what i want/need)

11:10 car loaded and headed out the door. (Blessing #11- cell phones so She could talk me through and keep me focused while my husband drove)

11:20 one exit to go on free I need to push! Change up breathing to panting like breathing. Stop having side conversations between conversations. (Blessing #12 no CHP to pull us over for speeding and #13 not getting into an accident)

11:25 arrive at hospital, leave car at read curb, grab wheel chair go up elevator run down hallway arrive in labor delivery, calmly tell them we are in labor and need to come back. (Blessing #14 security letting us leave the car)

11:30 water breaks! I yell to call them back and tell them to hurry and answer the door my water broke and i am pushing! (Blessing #15 water not breaking til now)

11:31 nurse wheels us to a room, almost triage but she remembers the room at the end of the hall is open. (blessing #16 an empty room)

11:33 get out of wheel chair, debate the need to check me as he is crowned, these calm nurses don’t have my same sense of urgency, lay on my side in the bed, charge nurse announces yes she is complete, baby crowned get a midwife, Sherrie slow down i atleast need to get a cart in here. (Blessing #17 a bed and not the car!)

11:35 I yell “There he is!” and there he was! in 2 pushes! (Blessng #18, getting to push, Blessing #19 a healthy baby boy!, Blessing #20 the Birth i had dreamed of, Blessing #21 making it in the nic of time to the hospital, Blessing #22 a successful VBAC!)

Don’t worry if you having trouble wrapping your head around that, it took us almost 24 hours to wrap our head around the morning. We were still trying to process that this was finally real labor and not a stomach ache or braxton hicks and here was this sweet baby boy! But that was our friday morning handful upon handful of sweet God given blessings all adding up to one sweet little boy!!!

Oliver Abel Williams 7lbs 8oz 20 inches


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