Monday Blessings

Oh the blessings of the last 2 weeks have made for one joyful me! I havn’t even had time to # them yet but here are some i can think of….

– Clean house

-quality, argument free, tantrum free time with my kids


-Family Time

-Tantrum free outings

-Going in public by myself with all 3 for the first time!

-Easy transitions

-Sleepfull nights

-Mornings with must do’s done by 9

-Being up before my family

-A bed full of my family!

-Quiet times

-Pumpkin patches

-Lost kido found quickly and safely (not mine but a friend at church)

-Church launches

-New small groups

-Prayer walks

-Meals from family and friends

-impromptu dinners with friends

– Babywearing daddies that cook!

-Nap times!

-Daddy’s getting extra days off work

-Adult conversations uniterupted by children

Thank you Lord for 2 full of weeks of blessings being poured out in abundance! You are ever faithful!

————–This post is being linked in two places this week, Check them out, Ann Voskamp and He sows She sews——————-



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