Homemakers Challange

For the past 31 days (well Monday-Friday for 31 days) I’ve been part of the Home Makers Challenge. Its based on the virtual book, 31 days to clean. Its a biblical view/model for getting yourself organized and cleaning your home. I have practiced once a month cleaning for as long as i can remember and it works well for my home. But I have friends who did this challenge a couple months back and loved it, not necessarily for the daily cleaning assignments or Martha challenges as the book calls them but for the Mary challenges which are journaling excercises to be completed each day.

The idea was that Mon-Friday you would complete your daily read (takes about 5 min), do the journaling prompt, and the cleaning task and at the end of the week blog your progress. By the end of the month you would have cleaned your whole home, and hopefully understand why you are cleaning and have a new perspective of it.

I obviously did not do the blogging! But i did do the journaling and i did do the cleaning! and this is what i found now at the end of the month. Daily cleaning is still not something that works for me, but i do like the idea of not having to devote a whole day to cleaning, it freed up some time and was less overwhelming for me so i have decided to implement once a week cleaning, and each week i will clean a different room of the house so that at the end of the month all the rooms in my house are cleaned. For picture people this is what that looks like for me…

Week 1 Kitchen, Week 2 Living room/Stairs, Week 3 Bedrooms, Week 4 bathroom/garage

So then throughout the week or all on one day whatever works best that week i will do the things in those zones that need to get done, floors, windows, window frames, doors, counter tops, dusting, whatever!

As for the mary aspect. I didn’t take as much away from this as I had hoped. I think maybe because a lot of her questions were ones i have already asked and answered for myself and so they are not struggles. One for me that was a big one was on day 28 she asked about distractions and for me that is where it dawned one me the one aspect of once of month cleaning that doesn’t work for me, is the thought of cleaning everything is overwhelming and so a lot of months i’ll skip the windows or the base boards even though i like to see them cleaned those are the cleaning tasks that in my book take less priority and since I’m overwhelmed at cleaning my house litteraly top to bottom, floors, walls and ceiling, i skip some of the tasks to ease the stress.

I challenge you, if you don’t feel like your home is ever clean enough, or you feel pressure form someone other than yourself to do more. Give yourself a 31 day challenge read the book and go for it. You might be surprised what God shows you about your home!


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