Super Mom

I’ve gotten a lot of sweet compliments lately about being super mom or an inspiration to others moms because I’m out and about or working in my kitchen with in days of having a baby. I appreciate those kind words, they are sweet and make me feel good about myself of course, but I just want to say they are not true! I am no super mom! But really who among us is super mom?

Ok I know a few in my circle of friends like this amazing lady who despite her own troubles manages to be beyond intentional with her kids it blows my mind and inspires me to new levels with my own. Or another dear friend whom i kid you not on a regular basis makes her own granola, yogurt, spaghetti sauce, chicken broth, sour dough starter, heck today she was gonna make her own almond milk and butter! These woman among others i know are inspiring to me. I strive to be like them in the areas they excel in, they are moms i would call super moms, but I know them well enough to know that for as much as they surpass us in their intentionality or cooking skills they lack in other areas of their lives. Sure I may not always see those areas and a lot of the time i laugh and wonder what they heck are they talking about when they apologize for their so-called dirty house or some other area they think they have lacked in. But i know they are human and not super human and so they have areas they lack in. So even though consistently by 9am the last few weeks i have had breakfast, dinner, dessert, bible study, 3 kids dressed and am out the door with 3 under 3 i can tell you without a doubt i am no super mom! What i am however is very systematic and i have found a system that works for me! I love when the super moms in my life share their secrets, i often catch myself modeling after them in the areas they are successful and i lack. That said i thought i would share what works for me in hopes that maybe some of you who have though super mom will find something new that inspires you. After all we moms have to stick together or these kids might get the better of us. 🙂

So like i said I’m systematic. I’m OCD to a fault sometimes, not so much so that i can’t ever adapt I’m always trying new things and adjusting my many systems (i have a procedure for efficiencies in every aspect of my life, Lord help my children and my husband!). But i strive towards efficiency. I like the idea of killing as many birds with one stone as possible. So my tip is a schedule or routine for the morning. This is what works for us….

on the days when we have somewhere to be this is our schedule:

between 6:30 and 6:45 i get up straighten my hair do my make up brush my teeth. Boys up between 6:45 and 7 (they are early birds never sleep past 7 and while most days up around 6:45 often they are up earlier)

7am get boys dressed, change diapers/take kids potty, get them to brush their teeth

7:30 downstairs eating breakfast. While they eat i prep dinner, sometimes that means doing the casserole and putting it in the fridge, sometimes its putting ingredients in a slow cooker, sometimes dinner is not prepable so i use the time to bake something muffins or a cake usually. I’m not a big breakfast person so i usually eat while cooking, or i will sit down with a bowl of cereal and snack on it while i read our daily bible aloud to the boys.

8:00 breakfast done and I change diapers again. (we do cloth, we change often!) load the car for the day, finish last-minute additions to our packed lunch for the day.

8:30 we are in the car and headed to wherever we are going.

12:30 we head home, having eaten lunch and are ready for naps

1-3/4 is nap time. I utilize the time to read, blog, work, do bible study (depends on the day of the week I have a schedule for this, certain days I use for personal likes like reading or sewing, one day a week I write the blogs for the week, the other days I spend the first 15-20 doing bible study/quiet time the rest of nap I spend working.

Daddy is home by 4 and helps with the night routine.

on days when we don’t have somewhere to be the only change is that at 8am I do my bible study while the boys play. It takes longer cause they interrupt me a bit by 9am I’m done and we do about 20-30 min of school. Then I do chores around the house as the boys allow, as they get older I can do more but they are main priority so if they desire my attention then I sit down and pray with them first and foremost. between 11:30 and 12 we eat lunch. and the afternoon is the same.

our evening routine is typically the same after dinner, daddy plays with the boys and does bed time routine with them and they are in bed by 8/8:30. i use that time to pick up, work, shower, read, pay bills.

Having a set routine works for us. It lets the boys know exactly what they need to do when they need to it, and we are all on auto pilot that the morning goes quickly and with little stopping to think and lag. For us the routine creates efficiency in our day allowing us to be ready for whatever the day holds between 8:30 and 9am. But the true secret to our routine is that time at night and daddy! once the boys get to bed we do the main cleaning, i keep things picked up, but we wipe counters and wash dishes at the end of the day not through out, and we do deep cleaning once a month. Daddy makes us lunches at night when he makes his if we are going to be out the next day. The diaper bag gets packed every night and is always ready to go whenever needed. The nightly prep for the next day, my to do list, and my rising 15min earlier all make for easy days, and the routine of it all makes the flow of the smoother with less arguments about what comes next.

Well that is my trick, advance prep and routine systems. What is your super mom trick?


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