Little Oli

My little Oli you are 4 weeks old today! 4 weeks has flown by me, i’m not really sure it where it went to. I blinked and it was gone and to be honest it breaks my heart just a little. I know how fast time flies, i read a quote in a book about parenting and it was brought up today, “The days are long but the years are short” and it is so true! My days are long you are #3 and while you don’t do much yet you are #3 of 3 under 3! That means the days are long between nursing you and your brothers demanding attention bedtime often can’t come soon enough. But I know the years go fast and I am deseperatly seeking to slows your down more then i did with any other child. But Oli they aren’t slowing down at all. You are already 4 weeks old, and you are already awake a good portion of the day! You are a great sleeper most nights you go down between 7-9 and wake up for a feeding between 2-4am. Then you sleep again til 5 or 6 when you require a new diaper and a little cuddle and as long as a brother is up to disturb you your right back to sleep til 8. for your age sleep is pretty much your biggest achievement everyone wants to know and everyone is impressed by you.

Oli you have the sweetest darkest navy blue eyes, and beautiful strawberry blond hair. and while color wise your hair is like Levi’s it reminds me of Harvey’s texture. You have a calic in the front and it sticks straight up. I’m guessing it won’t be long before you have the puff! Hopefully i can control it into a faux hawk. 🙂

You love being swaddled and you love being worn and that all warms my heart more then you know. Your a pretty good nurser although you get lazy sometimes and its reflective in your latch but we are working on that.

when you are awake you just sit and stare. You rarely cry even when you are upset you only cry or fuss for a few minutes and then you fall asleep. Your name is reflective of you, you are peacefull!

Harvey is in love with you, he sits and holds you and talks to you. Is always in your face even when your eating but you don’t seem to mind. He was so excited the other day when you were sucking on his finger he kept saying you were giving him kisses! Levi on the other hand you two have a mixed feeling relationship. One minute he is giving you a million kisses “No touching Kisses only” we tell him and he listens for a while and then i turn my back only to turn back and discover a fistfull of your his face in his tiny hand. 😦 you have one tiny scar already from the scratches he provides. But i know he loves you every person he sees he points to you and says “Baby” as if to say this is my baby my brother!

Little Oli i know it will be another blink and you will be rolling and sitting and crawling but for now you are still my tiny newborn with a floppy head, who curls up in the fetal position, he fits in tiny newborn diapers and tiny newborn clothes whos hand is smaller then my finger. and i love you!




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