Little Levi

Little Levi you are 18 months days away from 19. Oh kid you are giving us a run for our money!!! You are the sweetest little boy and we could all just you up you are so dang cute but kid you have a mind of your own! I know that will be a blessing to you someday but right now its exhausting to me most days! 🙂

I feel like Harvey’s and Oliver’s years are flying by me but right now i feel like yours are taking their time in a way i’m grateful for. I feel like your in a stage of life where your learning a ton but not so much that your growning to fast for me to soak it in and enjoy it. You are coming into your own personality. You love to play games and entertain us. You are obsessed with hiding right now! Your favorite spots are under the table and behind daddy’s easel next to the couch. You love to dance and sing along to a CD Mrs. Leslie made for us. You still love cars more than any other toy. although you very much enjoy the stuffed Donald Duck we have. He is your favorite character followed by Buzz. Every match car we have however is named McQueen acording to you so we finally bought you your own mini mcqueen to play with so you could stealing Harvey’s. You love to chat on fake phones and to just walk around looking at things. You are a climber and love to go up the ladder to the top bunk of the bed you share with Harvey; However, you don’t know how to climb down.

On the other side of your excited spirit is you love to wrestle and play chase and often that turns into biting. I know its you being playfull but chasing kids with your wide open ready to bite is not fun! and with the wrestling or you standing behind me playing peek a boo peeking around my shoulders starts out all fun and cute it always ends with someone getting hurt and your teeth marks appearing! Luckly you have only bitten Harvey, mommy and daddy. Mostly Harvey!

You have a new brother. I’m not sure what you think of that. Anytime someone asks if your a big brother you shake your head, say no, and point to Harvey. But you make a point of telling everyone “Baby” and pointing to Oli so i think you are proud of your brother you just don’t want the role of big brother. You give lots of kisses but you also scratch his face a lot while grabbing handfulls of his face in your tiny hands. Its a love/hate thing for sure. 🙂

Your vocabulary is growing. Daddy and I know you can say more then you let on, you will often say something only for that word to never be heard again. Typical of your age and stage of development. But what blows our mind is that you pretty started talking in 2 word sentences not even bothering with single word sentenses. The first thing we heard you say is “What’s that” about a thousand times a day you say “Where’s daddy” and just the other night you handed daddy a book and said “read this”. You say “milk” a million times a day also which jsut means you want something to drink although you prefer milk over water. you can also say mama, daddy, papa (all grandfathers and great grandfathers) and mami (which appears to be all grandmothers and greatgrandmothers in your mind). You can say Donald Duck, Bugs (referring to bugs life), yes, no, Mickey mouse, Travis, “More milk”, book, ball, chu chu, bye bye, Hello, Poop, and truck. I’ve heard Jesus and alicia come out of your mouth but they were each once and on the list of the one time random words.

Levi i love to see you stand out on your own and not hide behind your big brother letting him doing everything for you. Its such a blessing to be blessed by your spirit and your being. I am excited to see you continue to come into your little self. I Love you and am so proud of you!


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